Café Kino, Stokes Croft, Bristol

At the centre of Stoke’s Croft most bohemian heart is Café Kino, a popular spot for artists, musicians, freelance thinkers and coffee drinkers. Great big windows look out to the street and are prime spots for people watching; as it’s at the junction between St Paul’s, Montpelier and Gloucester Road, there’s a procession of colourful characters and local heroes (Big Issue seller Jeff has brightened many a morning) and some fabulous graffiti that catches the eye and engages the brain.

Kino is vegan so sausage dodgers will be well pleased; there’s a veggie bacon option should you feel your plate is missing something, but even the most vociferous carnivores will find something to enjoy here. My mushrooms on toast were well-oiled with heaps of garlic and parsley, and the full breakfasts being served by friendly staff are stacked with goodness. The A-board advertises ’20 Types of Tea’ so it seemed churlish not to try their loose leaf Earl Grey and a potent Chinese Gunpowder. Coffee is good and made to order (no drought of soya milk here) and their cakes manage to taste utterly wicked, without a drop of dairy to be seen. There’s live music and theatre downstairs, books to borrow and art to buy.  Gather a clan in one of the giant booths and you can settle in for the afternoon.

Price: From £3 (mushrooms on toast) to £6 (full vegetarian breakfast).

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