The Lido, Clifton, Bristol

One hungover Saturday morning I picked my way through the sick-strewn streets of Bedminster in search of coffee and a quiet corner to compose myself in. The Lido sits atop some of Clifton’s highest hills, so breakfast had to be good; luckily, such sherpa-like activity is well rewarded here. Their granola is fabulous, full of nuts and packed with dates and apricot and served with a yoghurt too delicious to be truly good for you. Their sourdough toast comes with thick yellow butter, and their main menu befits the well-heeled and gillet-rich clientele: bacon sandwiches come with grape dust mustard and dandelion, kippers are wood-roasted, there are loose leaf teas, coolers and spritzers of all floral and herbal denominations. It’s popular with the Clifton set, as well as with mums with babes and swimming-capped regulars rhythmically puffing there way up and down the outdoor pool. Breakfast finishes before 12 and the sunshine draws a crowd, so it’s better to get there early. There is but one health warning: gaze out across the water and there’s always a chance you might come face to face with a soggy Speedo’d crotch. Best make that coffee a strong one just in case.

Price: From £2 (toast and preserves) to £7.50 (wood-roast kippers).

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