Please feel free to send me any breakfast recommendations, recipes, comments or writing requests. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve stopped stuffing my face.


twitter: @brunch_hunter


Thanks for listening, folks.


2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi Claire, Can I just pick your brains re a ‘bug’ issue as you are on the spot over there and we will soon be inbound. Fully prepared for mozzies of all shapes and sizes but do most rooms come with a good net or should I pack my deluxe double? (reasond I ask is that I lugged it all across the South Pacific and didn’t use it once!) Happy Trails, David Ashby (

    • Hi David! Sorry for my late reply. I would bring it – not all have them, and those that do aren’t always the best! Plus I find a mosi net can make some fairly depressing rooms look that bit nicer!! We won’t be back by November, but really happy to answer any questions. Might be easiest to email me: Hope you’re well. C.

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