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Kai Whakapai Café, Wanaka, New Zealand

Though in truth we’d been camping for days and subsisting on Tim Tams up until this point, this still rates as one of the Best Breakfasts Yet. I have read reviews that bemoaned the frosty glances from Kai Whakapai’s resident dreadlocked locals, langorously declaring you ‘uncool’ with one twitch of a pierced eyebrow, but in our single-minded pursuit of breakfast our cagouled and sandalled-selves weren’t too put off. In any case, the first hit of beautifully made coffee followed by buckwheat pancakes with grilled banana, blueberries and maple syrup were enough for me to forgive anyone anything. A mix of Kiwis and tourists were spread across two floors, with cool jazz and some rather fine reggae to accompany our meal.

Price: From $5 to $15 (coffee included).

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