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Zazu’s Kitchen, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Note: ZaZus has found another new home at the top of Gloucester Road, but fear not, the good food continues there…

Definitely not Tescos.

The Egg Poacher had befallen a fate not all that uncommon in the streets of Bristol – as a cyclist, he had been deemed invisible by an oncoming car and, like Humpty himself, had to be put back together again. So it was somewhat tentatively that we took our first steps out into Stokes Croft, and not long before we found the quiet sanctum that is ZaZu’s Kitchen. Owner Toby is a gent, and we had barely arrived before he was offering fresh fruit smoothies or softly scrambled eggs to my gap-toothed companion. For those of us not feeling the effects of a face plant, there’s also a short but super chalked-up menu to chose from, with a focus on all things local and seasonal. Breakfast favourites are there – eggs every way, their own granola, the full works. Fine dining is key, so portions aren’t massive, but you pay for brilliant quality and good coffee.

Price: From £3.50 (homemade granola) to £6.50 (full English).

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