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The Social, Cheltenham Road, Bristol

The Social – where the hungover descend. On Sunday morning you pity the staff: punters in varying shades of dishevelment stumble over their orders and shake as they navigate strong coffees and pints of Coke to the table, before collapsing into a well-worn sofa or an armchair so saggy your elbows reach your ears as you dine. There’s plenty of space for the crowd to gather in and many continue the party with local beers and European lagers on tap; small people are equally welcome with toys, games, and low tables with rounded corners to bounce off.

The busy kitchen sends out anything and everything from the locally sourced all-day menu so you’re not short of options – opt for breakfast and you won’t be disappointed. Brilliantly meaty bacon (not for me a flacid rasher), black pudding and well-seasoned sausages are there for the carnivores, while their fabulously cheesy Glamorgan sausages are famed. Happily they’ll add extras for a small price, so you can have an all out sausage fest if you’re so inclined.

Beyond breakfast they have cocktail nights, wine evenings and Sunday roasts; there’s art for sale and books to borrow too. It’s a popular spot and the exposed brick walls amplify the noise, so if you seek some solitude on a quiet weekend, this might not be the place for you. For the rest of us, there’s much to love – and the staff are hugely friendly too.

Price: from £1.50 (toast & jam) to £6.25 (Social Breakfast).


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The Beach Café, Nelson, New Zealand

The worst kept secret in Nelson, The Café (pron. “caff”) is a local favourite, and justly so. It’s a few steps from the beach so families flock – and with tables outside you can watch your kids fly off the merry-go-round as you dine. There are parasols for those alabaster Brits not quite used to the New Zealand rays, and a classically Kiwi attitude to service (so all your meals are served with a smile). The breakfast menu is a wonder to behold: pancakes stacked with fruit and maple syrup, fried potatoes with bacon, sour cream and cheese, doorstops of carrot cake with more cream, berries and fresh pineapple. Toast and fruit salads are also on hand should the cholesterol levels require. There are kid’s portions, fresh orange juice and good coffee. Beware low-flying seagulls – they want your breakfast as much as you do.

Price: From $5 (toast) to $14 (brunch stack).

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