Rocket Cafe, Morningside, Edinburgh

IMG_1433[1]A couple of days after a family wedding we found ourselves inexplicably hungover once again, in need of caffiene and food as quickly as possible, lest we explode from pure fatigue. Happily, we fell upon (and into) Rocket Cafe, an inconspicuous yet colourful spot in Edinburgh’s leafy Morningside, and were soon met by friendly smiles and a fulsome brunch menu to soothe our weary heads.

Inside, vintage Alpine scenes stretch across the walls and sunlight streams through the windows onto simple wooden tables and chairs. The chalked up menus boast a healthy selection of specials – huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, mushrooms, thyme and gruyere on toast – as well as more regular features like cooked breakfasts, sausage and bacon rolls and suitably mini children’s options.

The coffee is well made and strong enough to banish the last of the cobwebs, and there are delicious smoothies and milkshakes made to order. Service is fast and friendly, and the food fresh; though my mushrooms could have been seasoned better, the scrambled eggs were light and creamy, generously accompanied by roasted tomatoes and sweet, spicy chorizo. And, while the remnants of our hangovers remained, our stomachs were suitable sated, allowing us to face the day with an excellent breakfast’s worth of energy to fuel it.

Price: from £1.50 (toast & jam) to £6.95 (cooked breakfast)

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