Cookie, Southside, Glasgow

While it may seem somewhat redundant to write about a place that’s recently closed, Cookie has been held in such high esteem by those who’ve been that I couldn’t help but add it to the collection; who knows, someone might pick it up as a rallying call for it to open its doors once again??

IMG_1255[1]In the wonderfully named Strathbungo – an up and coming, close knit community in Glasgow’s southside – Cookie is a haven for foodies, families and a host of Scotland’s own hipsters (like England’s, but with better accents), serving freshly made goodies with an Italian bent. On a typically biting spring day the long windows were invitingly steamy, the sounds of coffee percolating and good-natured chatter bringing you in from the cold. Small tables and long booths were filled but the head waiter soon made space, bustling across the room while holding the stream of hopeful diners at the door with good banter.

Once settled it was time to turn to the well-thumbed menu, a lengthy read full of Scottish ingredients – black pudding, tattie scones, haggis – and one incongruous continental option. Being back in the homeland I had to opt for the Full Scottish, full of earthy flavours accented by sweet roasted tomatoes with rosemary and accompanied by strong Italian coffee. The Haggis Hen spoke well of her Veg Volcano (veg haggis, French toast and a poached egg) and the Sassenach in the party deemed the poach eggs “sublime”.

And it’s not just breakfast – there are prints and books from Cookie’s resident artist Conzo Throb and a popular night called Chef Wars where Glasgow’s up and coming chefs fight it out one course at a time (much to the delight of the lucky locals); the menu stretches to lunch and dinner and there are fresh deli options ready to take home. Hard to fathom why such a great spot has to go. I for one will look in hope for news of its re-opening.

Price: from £3.95 (French toast) to £8.50 (Full Scottish).


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