Morning Glory, Hackney, London

IMG_1130[1]7am, and the fog rises with the sun in East London, revealing an industrial landscape and Regent’s Canal slowly awakening from its slumber. Hidden down a cobbled alley is the Oval, a well-known night spot and now the place where London’s most beautiful go to greet the day at Morning Glory, the city’s increasingly popular early morning rave.

Being alcohol and drugs free, it’s open to all: from your teeny tot encased in a tiger PJs, the lithe yoga-fiend and silver-maned hippies, to long-limbed students in Lazy Oaf onesies and your fit friend who dabbles in a bit of poi. You’re greeted by an MC in carnival gear and her team of nubile unicorns, all encouraging you to let go of your inhibitions and dance away the blues to a soundtrack of eighties greats, drum and bass, live samba and Dolly Parton.

IMG_1131[1]To fuel such frantic activity they lay on freshly blended smoothies with any number of vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, perfect for the pure of mind and soul. Those clubbers more used to a pick-me-up of another kind head for the popular stand run by Full Stop Coffee, though you’d be best to drink up before heading for the conga (nobody like espresso on their space-themed leggings).

The spirit is all inclusive and the sea of smiles is testament to some fantastic tunes and a genuinely accepting crowd. Once the fog has all gone you’re reminded that there are workplaces awaiting, but it’s hard to think of a better way to greet a mid-week morning.

Price: from £10 (Early-bird tickets). Coffee from £2.80, smoothies £3.50.



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