Harptree Treehouse, East Haptree, Somerset

Harptree TreehouseSafely ensconced in the boughs of an ancient oak is a treehouse unlike any other. Hand-crafted and beautifully appointed, it suits its regal surroundings in the grounds of Harptree Court and makes waking up for breakfast very special indeed.

The Egg Poacher and I arrived on a crispy Autumnal evening and were left to wonder at the russet coloured surroundings and indulge in Linda’s famous lemon drizzle cake in perfect peace. A somewhat cack-handed attempt at stoking the woodburner nevertheless left us feeling snug as night drew in, and after a soak in the deep copper bath we wrapped ourselves up to look up at a night sky heaving with stars. With so much beauty surrounding us, we left our windows uncovered and were rewarded with a smouldering sunrise that burned through the mist that clung to the fields around us.

Breakfast waits for the first to rise – there are local sausages and thick cut bacon in the fridge, freshly baked bread and eggs from Haprtree’s own hens. The treehouse kitchen is anything but rustic, with electric hobs and all the bits you need… dishwasher included. For less hungry souls organic muesli or porridge await, as well as teas and ground coffee to be made just as you please. Such magical surroundings would make any breakfast good, but this one will be hard to beat.

Price: From £175 a night (self-catering, with breakfast provided or available in the house on request).

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