Just Ground, City Centre, Bristol

20130825-155810.jpgIn Just Ground we may have found some of The Best Coffee in Bristol. The stall is right in the centre of town, a little-known beauty spot just off the A4 with its own water feature and wildlife – pigeons, seagulls, the odd dog with three legs and a neckerchief…

Everything about it is great: the coffee is delicious and you can take the organic grounds home for guilt-free gardening; the staff are lovely – your barista might be a trainee juggler or push bike enthusiast – and you can have breakfast on the hoof for a fantastic price. There’s a discount if you get there on two wheels and as it’s part of the recently launched ‘Bristol Pound’, you can do your bit for the local community while enjoying your perfectly made latte.

Food is simple and designed for those in a rush: the satisfying and made-to-order ‘toastwich’ with all manner of fillings, teacakes or fresh pastries. And, this being Bristol, you can have all the soy-decaf-vegan options you’d hope for, too.

This part of town is full of surprises – you might find yourself joining in with peaceful protests (the “Hoot for Peace” lady was legendary) or a busker might strike up a tune; superhero stag dos and Hippodrome hysteria are a common sight (but it’s survival of the fittest if Donny Osmond comes to town). There are no ‘frapps’ or ‘handcrafted beverages’, just coffees that make Monday mornings a lot less painful.

Price: From £1.10 (toast) – £1.30 (toasted tea cakes). Coffee from £1.50.


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