Tart, Gloucester Road, Bristol

20130120-155131.jpgSo very, very nice. Soft Charleston plays as waitresses soft-shoe around small tables, delivering stonkingly good coffee, fresh leaf teas and organic breakfasts at a leisurely pace.

Now one of Gloucester Road’s most established eateries (and far, far superior to the chain-that-shall-not-be-named next door), Tart’s clientele is a mix of ladies who brunch and Montpelier couples who have stopped on their way to buy organic quinoa and The Observer. Arrive between 11.30am and 12pm on a Saturday and you’ll fall between two meals, but it’s worth getting up early for: the sausages are divine and the bread delicious; it’s baby-friendly, locally sourced and they have proper vegetarian options that go beyond mushrooms on toast (even the carnivorous should try the fantastic potato rösti). Portions aren’t huge, but if you’re still hungry there are some fantastically structured cakes on display in the window, all freshly made and most filled with enough cream to coat a cat in.

Price: From £3.95 (house granola and yoghurt) to £6.90 (full English).

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